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Discover the One Polymer Difference

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of quality, convenience and value, look to SD Polymers. As the only APP compound manufacturer that produces a single polymer solution for APP membrane manufacturing, we’re able to deliver a custom blended product ideally suited to your needs.

Working extensively with recycled raw materials, our team of engineers begin by consulting with you to understand your finished APP membrane requirements. Using a sample of the asphalt and filler you plan to use, we then produce a unique APP compound designed to your specifications – such as those found on a typical Certificate of Analysis for a membrane, including cold flexibility, viscosity and other key properties – to which you then add your asphalt and filler.

The resulting APP compound, due to the one polymer difference, offer several advantages, including:

  • Reduced Mixing Time – unlike other suppliers that use four or more raw materials, our pelletized single material polymer product melts more quickly, reducing mixing time and increasing efficiency
  • Less Product in the Warehouse – maintaining a single raw material in your warehouse not only saves space, but reduces costs in terms of fewer truckloads to manage
  • Fewer Production Issues – using a single raw material simplifies the production process, which reduces the opportunity for errors

Our use of recycled materials reflects our commitment to sustainability, while providing you significant value. Throughout the process, we ensure the highest levels of quality control through our skilled and experienced team and thorough laboratory testing. Both our APP and APAO products offer excellent membrane cold flexibility, a high softening point and adhesiveness, and compatibility with a broad range of bitumen.

Please refer to the technical data sheets below for additional information regarding our APP and APAO products:

APP Compound - Technical Data Sheets

SD Standard APPX100